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It’s Time To Climb

CRAG is the only true 30-minute full body workout!
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Jersey City Personal Trainer


Jersey City Personal Trainer

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High-Intensity, rhythm based, cardio-strength class where you climb, lift weights and do body weight movements to the beat of a pumping soundtrack.

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Personal Training

12-Week 1-on-1 Makeovers are our specialty. The body you want in 12-Weeks.

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The Kitchen Sink

We throw everything at you except the kitchen sink! Our 40-Minute circuit class. Intense. You will be challenged like never before! Recommended for Beginners and experienced alike!

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SWEAT – Cardio Climb

The Most Intense Calorie Burn In the NYC Metro Area. 30-Minutes on a Versaclimber. Sweat Like Never Before.

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