30-Day Shit2Fit Program


Jumpstart Your Body Transformation With Our 30-Day Shit2Fit Program

4 Amazing Weeks Covering Everything You Need to Completely Transform Your Physique

Follow along with all the videos to transform your body in just 30-Days!

Week 1

This is the Jumpstart! Drastic changes are in order, but after 3-4 days what was once drastic will be your new normal.

Week 2

Get ready to turn up the volume way past 10. (If you can tell me who said that line i'll give you a prize.)

Week 3

We're going to turn the volume even higher and really start to chisel away.

Week 4

You made it to the end. You should be seeing amazing results by this point. 


The gold standard. We provide a nutrition plan that's easier than than Sunday morning to follow. (If you can tell me who said that line i'll give you a prize.) 


The entire community, online and in person, is here to cheer you on and answer any questions you may have along the way. 

About The Founder


Creator and Co-Founder of CRAG. 

All-around great guy, shakes hands, kisses babies yata yata yata. 

About Your Instructor

Jennifer Chang

A woman of few words, she means business when it's time to do 150 squats and climb 1000Ft in 10 minutes. But don't worry, she'll do the entire workout along with you. Jenn is simply a machine. Follow along with her to the best of your ability. 

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30-Day Transformation Program 

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You'll receive the following:

Full access for 30-Days
A 30-Day easy to follow calendar
Complete, easy to follow, Nutrition Blueprint
Support online and in person 

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