When does the class schedule open?

The class schedule opens every Sunday for the following week. If you have Advance Booking you get access to the schedule 48 hours ahead of everyone else on Friday. You can add Advance Booking to your package by Clicking Here.

Do you have water?

Pre-Rona yes. Post Rona, bring your own.

Can I take a CRAG class if Im pregnant?

Doctors do not advise trying a new workout while pregnant, especially something as intense as CRAG. If a client was regularly taking CRAG climbing classes before they got pregnant they can continue to take classes as long as they are comfortable doing so. The Versaclimber can be used with no problems at all while pregnant. Intensity level can be dialed down and customized to the individual. But as always, please check with your doctor or medical professional. 

What should I wear?

Ummmm...your clothes maybe?

What if I arrive late?

We'll stop the entire class, music and everything and make you do 50 full burpees in front of the whole class. 

How early should I arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class time. If it's your first class please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class so we can go over the torture you're about to put yourself through. 

How does the monthly unlimited package work?

You're always able to pay per class or by purchasing one of our class packages which will allow you to take classes here and there. But, if you are taking our classes more than twice per week you'd be better off getting an unlimited membership. This provides you with unlimited classes each month. Your first month activates at the time of purchase. Depending on your fitness goals you can sign up for a 1, 3 or 6 month unlimited membership. You can purchase your monthly package by clicking HERE.

How does the Intro package work?

If you're new and would like to test the CRAG waters then you can signup for our Intro Pack. Take a few classes and see if you like it. We hope you'll love our classes enough and you'll see the benefits enough to come back and become a full time member. But let's be real, this ain't everyone's cup of tea. You may absolutely hate our classes. This is why you may want to test the CRAG waters with an Intro Pack. You can try us out by clicking HERE.

What climbing packages do you have available?

We have an Intro Pack, Class Packages and Unlimited Memberships. If you want to test the waters then signup for an Intro Pack. 

If you love our classes but your schedule is hectic and you absolutely love your Pilates/Barre/Boxing/Bootcamp/etc/etc/etc/etc/etc/ too then get a class package. You'll be able to take classes here and there as it suits you. 

If you love/hate our classes but have finally had the epiphany that there's absolutely zero studios that can touch the physiques that we produce then signup for an Unlimited and start working your way down the CRAG rabbit hole. 

Pick Your Poison HERE.

How fit do I need to be?

Super fit or couch potato, you don’t have to be fit – if you are not, our signature FreeBase classes will get you there. One of the joys of our classes is that they are suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners to professional athletes. (Lebron swears by what we do.)  

You control the intensity of the workout by adjusting the resistance (i.e. the gears) on your climber.  If you are just starting, you can keep the resistance low and as you get fitter (and you will be amazed by your improvement after a few weeks at CRAG) you can increase the resistance.

You are also on and off of the climber during the class. Once off of the climber you will do circuits on the floor using dumbbells and your own bodyweight. CRAG will build up your physical abilities quickly. Don’t worry, you’re in very good hands.

What should I expect from the class?

There is nothing quite like a CRAG climb, climbing as a group with an inspiring instructor guiding you through the journey. (Your sherpa if you will) 

This is all done to a pumping soundtrack that will help push you through to the end of a sweat induced class.

Oh, and there's artisan margaritas waiting for you at the end of each class. (Ok that last part was total bullshit but the rest is pretty spot on.)  

New Member Process

Get started at CRAG in a few simple steps:

 Create an account.  We just need a few details to get you up and climbing.

– Buy a class series.  If you haven’t been here before we have a rather tasty intro offer which lets you try a sampling of our classes. It’s a great way to dip your toe in the CRAG waters. Click here to get your Intro Offer  

– Have a look at our schedule and decide which class suits you.

– Book a class through the schedule.  You get to choose the actual climber you will be climbing on, so if your friends are joining you, let them know where you will be stationed.

– Come on over to CRAG. We're located at 127 1st Street in downtown Jersey City. (On the corner...it says CRAG right on all the windows)

Directions? How do i get there?

CRAG is located at 127 1st Street in Downtown Jersey City, NJ. 

Just type that address into your phone and it'll bring you right to us. (If you have a burner flip phone from 7-11 it may not work but otherwise you should be golden.)

You'll be climbing in no time. 

We're located right on the corner, directly across from our amazing neighbors, Asana Soul Yoga to the north and CKO to the west. 

Just look for the beautiful mountain window display running across all of our windows. 

We'll see ya when you get here. 

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